About Webb Institute

Located in Glen Cove, NY on the Long Island Sound, Webb Institute is a unique, top-ranked undergraduate institution offering one academic option, a double major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It is also the only full-tuition scholarship private undergraduate program of its kind in the country.

Webb Institute is a national asset. The school's rigorous academic program and full-tuition scholarships are testament to the foresight, generosity and greatness of its founder.



Student Body: 80 undergraduates

Faculty: 11 full-time teaching faculty. The student to faculty ratio is about 7:1. There are no teaching assistants at Webb. The faculty are the instructors in both the classrooms and laboratories, and they maintain "open door" policies in support of student success.

Job placement: Our job placement rate is 100 percent. Graduate-school placement is also high: Change Magazine has ranked Webb fifth in the nation as a source of empirical science Ph.D.s.

Tuition: It's true: all students admitted to Webb receive a four-year, full tuition scholarship. Costs are limited to room, board, books, laptop and software.