Rigorous Academics

At Webb Institute, students are taught and graded by professors who are happy to answer questions and meet with students individually. 

The “rigor” of the 146 credit academic program; the “real world experience” of the paid internships in each year: and the “relationships” built through small classes, teamwork, a dedicated faculty, and industry networking make Webb graduates among the best practically trained engineering graduates in this country. 

Intense! At Webb, you encounter your first courses in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in your first semester: by the time you earn your B.S. four years later, you'll have completed 146 credit hours.

Comprehensive: Along the way, you'll be immersed in a multifaceted field that combines electrical, mechanical, civil/structural, marine, and systems engineering - and ship design.

Fun: Somewhere in there, we'll also send you off to sea. Just to make sure you love what you're getting into.