Winter Work Blogs

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2017 Winter Work Blogs


Daniel Roske & Sarah Stretch ’19

The Pineapple Express

Roske and Stretch are documenting their Winter Work term experiences as they work for Matson MAHI MAHI in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jonathan Wang

Jonathan Wang ’20

The Wintern Tales

Jonathan Wang is documenting his first Winter Work term experience while working at SAFE Boats in Tacoma, Washington.


Ashley Dias, Muriel Weathers & Abashai Thomas ’19

Operation Deep Freeze

Read about Ashley, Muriel, and Abashai’s Winter Work term experiences as they travel aboard the Maersk PEARY to Antarctica.

Bree Louvre

Bree Louie ’17

Cruising Italy

Check out photos of Bree’s experiences in Trieste, Italy as she works for Lloyd’s Register.


2016 Winter Work Blogs

Bree Louie

Bree Louie ’17

Cruising Miami

Brianna Louie ’17 will be spending her Winter Work term in Miami, FL working for Carnival Cruise Lines as an Energy Efficiency Intern.

Tom Hickey

Tom Hickey ’18

Webbie In The Gulf

Tom Hickey ’18  will be spending his Winter Work term aboard the Evergreen State.  The Evergreen State is a 600 foot petroleum carrier owned by American Petroleum Tankers and operated by Crowley Maritime.

Andrew Vogeler

Andrew Vogeler ’18

From Belgium to the Persian Gulf and Back

Read about Andrew Vogeler’s sea term experience aboard the Maran Gas Al Jassasiya;  as he and his classmate, Megan Green, travel from Belgium through the Suez Canal to ports in the Persian Gulf and back.

2015 Winter Work Blogs

Tam-ing of the Sea

Aaron Tam ’17 & Chris Herrell ’17
Tam-ing of the Sea

A breathtaking adventure of the young soon-to-be naval architects or marine engineers, Aaron and Chris sail across the great seas. A grand journey where they will encounter the mysteries of naval architecture, marine engineering, and the world as they travel aboard the Stolt Sapphire. View Blog.

Our Pacific Adventure

Barr Turner ’17 & Hannah Wistort ’17
Our Pacific Adventure

This winter, Barr and Hannah will be living and working aboard the Matson Manoa, an 860-foot containership, traveling between the ports of Oakland, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Seattle, Washington. View Blog.

Winter in Dubai

Nolan Conway ’15 & Evan Wingfield ’15
Winter In Dubai

Nolan and Evan will both be working for InterMarine. This company, with offices in Houston, Texas and across the Middle East, owns and operates several offshore supply vessels. They will assist in the operations, marine engineering, and naval architecture required to keep the fleet of boats running. View Blog.

The Odyssey

Ian Lawson ’17 & Nicholas Ratinaud ’17
The Odyssey

Ian and Nicholas will be enjoying winter work aboard the Liquified Natural Gas Carrier MaranGas Apollonia for their eight-week sophomore sea term. View Blog.