Atlantic Center for Innovative Design and Control of Small Ships (ACCeSS) Funding

In April, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) approved funding for a five-year continuation of the Atlantic Center for Innovative Design and Control of Small Ships (ACCeSS) totaling $4.5 million. ACCeSS is a consortium of academic institutions and industry partners that works closely with ONR Program Manager Kelly Cooper. Consortium partners include: Florida Atlantic University, the Naval Postgraduate School, Stevens Institute of Technology, United States Naval Academy, University College London; Lockheed Martin, AMSEC LLC, and VT Shipbuilding.  

Under the guidance of Professor Richard Royce, Webb students have actively participated in ACCeSS related research since 2004. Generally, students work on ACCeSS projects during either winter work or senior thesis. Students participate in periodic reviews and give presentations on their research efforts. This award is intended to fund research related to unmanned surface vessels, trimaran performance, and educational exchange. ACCeSS has been extremely successful in fostering collaboration between member institutions. Specifically, Professor Royce has performed research at UCL and participated on PhD dissertations at Stevens Institute. Webb’s portion of the funding will total $372,000 over the five-year period.