Webb Institute Commencement

Webb Institute awards every enrolled student a full-tuition scholarship each academic year.


In addition to the full-tuition scholarship (valued at $49,750 for Academic Year 2018-19), Webb Institute has internal scholarships that can be used to offset room and board and other costs.

The Scholarships Committee meets in the beginning of May to review FAFSAs and other necessary information to satisfy the criteria of certain scholarships.  Students will be notified of the awards at the end of May.

Need Based Scholarships

The majority of the scholarships are need-based and can only be awarded after a student has filed the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You can complete the FAFSA at or go to for more information.  Some of the scholarships are only awarded in a student’s particular year of study which is reflected below in the scholarship lists.  Scholarships are granted annually and can change from year to year.


Freshman Year:

  • Fisher Maritime/Dunderberg Scholarship
  • Charles J. “Corkie” Sautkulis ’72 Scholarship Fund


Sophomore Year:

  • John J. Hopkinson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Zeien ’52 Student Scholar Endowment


Junior Year or Senior Year:

  • Kurz Family Scholarship


The following need-based scholarships can be granted during any of the student’s academic years:

  • Arthur Burr ’54 Scholarship Fund
  • Marilyn Burr Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1956 Scholarship
  • Glosten Scholars Program
  • Damon Greenleaf Douglas III Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Peaslee DuMont ’32 Scholarship Fund
  • Ken Heitner ’64 and Rhoda Ritzenberg Scholarship
  • Hoyt Scholarship
  • Jonathan Lance Class of 1980
  • Matson Foundation Scholarship
  • Smith McKann ’38 Family Scholar Fund
  • Olsen Family Scholarship Fund
  • Herman D. Pollock Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Philip J. Sims ’71 Memorial Scholarship
  • Towle Scholarship

Merit-Based and Other Scholarships:

For the merit-based and non-need scholarships listed below, students can apply for them after notification from the admissions or scholarship committee.


Freshman Year:

  • FIRST Robotics*
  • League Scholarship*


Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Year:

  • Robert G. Mende ’51 Scholarship Fund**


Junior Year and/or Senior Year:

  • American Bureau of Shipping Annual Scholarship Fund**
  • Thomas B. Crowley, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund**


*Students will be emailed with an application from the admissions committee to apply for these scholarships.

**Students will be notified from the scholarship committee of the criteria needed to apply for these scholarships.

Online websites for other scholarship opportunities

For questions about the Webb Institute scholarships, please contact Ms. Josie Wilson, Director of Academic Services at