Advance Ship Testing Facilities (ONR Grant)

The summer of 2011 has been exciting on the Webb campus. Four testing facilities projects are well underway. The sill of the tank was raised by five inches, allowing testing of larger waves using the new eight-paddle wave-maker. Professor Royce and technician Pat Doherty, completed a set of regular wave seakeeping tests relating to bulbous bows on luxury yachts using the new wave-maker at the beginning of the summer. Another project in Robinson Model Basin is the addition of a viewing window in the east side of the tank. The recessed viewing pit has been poured in preparation for the window installation during winter work.

Two major projects are underway in Haeberle Laboratory. The new circulating water channel was recently installed. The operator platform behind the flow channel will be installed in September. The last project is the installation of the exhaust gas analyzer system. Professor Gallagher and technician, Jamie Swan, have begun installation of the system.