An Affair To Remember

On Friday, May 20th, alumni, friends, colleagues, and students gathered at Webb to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of two wonderful people who are retiring this June, Dean Roger H. Compton and Professor Jacques B. Hadler. After a cocktail social and dinner, the attendees resided on the first terrace to listen to Dean Compton and Professor Hadler speak of their appreciation for this special place. Their continual presence, broad smiles, and general warmth will be greatly missed come fall semester. The night concluded with a live eight-piece band and plenty of dancing on the dance floor.

Dean Compton is part of a select few who graduated from Webb Institute with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in 1961 and 1964, respectively. He later took a faculty position at the U.S. Naval Academy. In 1998, he agreed to return to Webb and serve as the Academic Dean. His tenure ends at the end of this academic year.

Professor Hadler has been working diligently at Webb Institute for 30 years. That tenure includes two terms as the Academic Dean. He was initially hired for the sole purpose of doing research but then transitioned into the world of teaching. Since 2002, he has taught NA 3 – Resistance and Propulsion, NA 7 – Ship Design, and NA 9 – Propeller Design and Vibration as well as supervised countless thesis teams.

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