Webb Athletics

Athletics at Webb

For questions, please contact our Athletics Director at 516-671-8355, email: sports@webb.edu

Webbies play intercollegiate, co-ed basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and, of course, sailing. Webb is small enough that anybody who wants to play can, and our teams do better against our opponents - mostly other small, private colleges in the greater Hudson Valley - than you might think. Webb Institute is a member of the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (HVIAC) for soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Our sailors compete in the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA).

The Student Organization also sponsors a number of intramural events, the highlight of which is always the Dalai Lama Floor Hockey Tournament. Webb also has a lowerclassmen versus upperclassmen basketball and floor hockey games, and many spontaneous sporting opportunities like frisbee golf, kan jam, ultimate frisbee, and dodgeball.

Our Facilities

The athletic facilities include a gymnasium with a standard basketball and volleyball court, a universal weight machine, and a free-weight room; two outdoor hard-surface tennis courts; the Thorpe Athletic Field overlooking Long Island Sound; and the waterfront. At the waterfront, Webb offers eight 420s, three lasers with two radial and two full rigs, an I-20 Scow, and two windsurfers. Webb also provides every student with a full membership at the Glen Cove YMCA