Chess Club @ Webb

The alumni and current students of Webb Institute thought it was unusual that in a school of architects and engineers there was no chess club, so they decided to make a change. With the help of current student Bryce Bartling ’13, along with the determination and generosity of Dr. Matthew Tedesco ’91, the Webb Institute Chess Club has officially been created.  Dr. Tedesco has already donated five chess sets, which include tournament clocks and bags, as well as a giant lawn set for the terrace; and he is planning on donating books to start a chess library. The news of the giant chess lawn set has created quite a stir among the students who are eager to start practicing right away.

Currently there are 10 members in the club, and they are excited to learn and enhance their chess skills. The long-term goal for the club is to have alumni involvement, which would allow for student vs. alumni tournaments. The club is working on competing in a series of four-person round-robin tournaments (quads), which will hopefully prepare the students for a tournament with alumni during Homecoming Weekend. 

Webb students and Dr. Tedesco have gone one step further and joined an online Chess community through that supports correspondence as well as real time chess. Being online will break the boundaries of distance, allowing correspondence between students, alumni and family members all over the country and even the world! 

If you would like the opportunity to play against students and other alumni with Webb Institute’s Chess Club, please feel free to register and request membership at  We are looking forward to the competition - e4! 

Black to move and win