Class of ’63 Warms Up for 50th Reunion

By Bill Birkhead ’63

On July 24, nine members of the Class of ’63 met for a pre-50th reunion on an island in Lake Erie.  Bill and Linda Smith undertook the thankless task of attempting to find a place and plan activities for the herd of cats comprising our class.  There were sailing, biking and walking trips on and about the island, and I am happy to report that there were no casualties.  At our 45th, we decided to make the 50th at Webb and that a warm-up where there were fewer ghosts would be appropriate.  While the various group activities and dinners were fun, I most enjoyed a dinner with just the nine guys at a local Bauhaus.  Not as picturesque as the North Country Bar & Grill, but still quite acceptable.  Attendees were Bill Hall, Ron Kiss, Bill Lindenmuth, Hank Olson, Randy Rodger, Mike Silber, Bill Smith, Bott Weiss, and me.  None of us are still working full time, but only four are totally retired.  Ron and Randy do consulting work; Mike is retiring this month; Bott still teaches at MIT, and I hang around the law firm and around Bay Diesel Corp occasionally, hoping a paycheck might fall my way.

At the Bauhaus, at Ron's insistence, we spent about five minutes talking about our 50th at Webb next year and the possibility of a gift.  We were thinking maybe new shower curtains or a new tree by the parking lot to replace the one Larry Stephens took out after a hard night at the North Country.  We spent the next several hours looking at photos, ragging on each other and enjoying multiple belly laughs.  It was impossible to know 50 years ago that the four years of enforced intimacy and togetherness, when "TPS" was on the tongues of most of us, most of the time, would create bonds that would last this long.  Hoping for an even better turnout in May 2013.