Coming to America

The Southampton Exchange Students Have Arrived

By Eric Harris '14

For the last three years, Webb Institute has provided the opportunity for sophomores from Webb to study abroad at the University of Southampton in England for their fall semester.  Webb Institute has sent nine students to Southampton and you can read about this year’s delegates’ experience here.  This year marks the first time Webb Institute has hosted students from Southampton.  Professor George L. Petrie from Webb worked with Dr. Price and Dr. D. A. Hudson from Southampton to bring the idea to fruition.

The Webb Community is pleased to welcome Southampton students Elie Amar, Ruth Taylor, and Marion James. They learned about Webb when they met two of the members of the Class of 2011, who went to Southampton during their sophomore year. Then, in 2009, they met Professor Petrie when he went to England to talk about the possibility of an exchange program with Webb as the host. 

Elie, Ruth, and Marion were excited to come because of Webb’s location on Long Island, so close to New York City, and because of the opportunity to study abroad outside of Southampton. They immediately noticed the size difference between the University of Southampton and Webb. The University of Southampton has over 20,000 students, whereas Webb has a much smaller population of 75 students. The University of Southampton is much larger in geographic size as well, but Webb has an amazing view of the Long Island Sound and Stevenson Taylor Hall is a beautiful work of architecture. 

 Less than four weeks into the semester, the Southampton students haven’t experienced much of Webb life, but they are waiting with excitement for the upcoming technical conferences and a weekend to visit New York City.  They are enrolled in most of the senior-class courses, and they are also taking the junior Hydrodynamics course.  They have especially enjoyed the Senior Special Topics courses in Marine Forensics and Archaeology and in Offshore Engineering.