Commencement Awards & Prizes 2010

J. Lewis Luckenbach Memorial Prize (highest general average in four year course): 
Amanda M. Malarkey

Keeler Memorial Prize (highest average in mathematics):
Cullen D. Sarles

Patrick S. Matrascia Good Shipmate Award
Peter S. C. Lee

Curran Memorial Prize (for most outstanding and consistent scholastic improvement):
Bradley J. Gelles

Chaffee Memorial Prize (best all around record):
Douglas J. Slocum
Richard A. Partanen Humanities Award:
Michael E. Cariello

SeaRiver Maritime Award for Excellence in Engineering Design:  
Amanda M. Malarkey
Charles A. Ward, Jr. Memorial Awards (highest and second highest average in naval architecture): 
Amanda M. Malarkey

Cullen D. Sarles

Samuel D. McComb Memorial Prize (second highest junior & senior average):
Cullen D. Sarles

Lewis Nixon Memorial Prize (best thesis in naval architecture):
Bradley J. Gelles, Amanda M. Malarkey, & Cullen D. Sarles

American Bureau of Shipping Prize (highest junior & senior average):
Amanda M. Malarkey

Stevenson Taylor Memorial Prize (for excellence of a thesis in any field):
William J. Markuske & Peter S. C. Lee