Family Weekend 2011 Recap

Family Weekend 2012 is September 14 - 16, 2012.

Recap of 2011 Family Weekend by Connor Bennett '14

Family weekend was so much fun! Having family visit Webb is definitely a great break from all the work. Instead of worrying about what assignments you have to finish, for a weekend, all you have to worry about is which restaurant you want your family to go to. We didn’t have to go anywhere if we didn’t want to, either! Webb was fluttering with activity, from the soccer game on Saturday to the boat race on Sunday. It was wonderful to see my parents for the weekend, especially since I hadn’t seen my dad in almost six months. It was awesome seeing other people’s parents too; I had a particularly good time noticing the similarities between my classmates and their parents. Some of my classmates looked and acted just like their moms and dads, while others seemed to be on completely different wavelengths!

On Saturday, I showed my grandparents Webb for the first time and introduced them to one of Webb’s greatest pastimes: being mediocre at sports. After Webb’s soccer team lost honorably to Sarah Lawrence, it was time for a performance by the Webb Family Singers. The WooFS sounded great this year! It’s good to know that even after Dean Compton’s retirement there are still many students and faculty who are avid about keeping the singing group alive.

On Sunday, the freshmen boat races were as entertaining as usual. The heavy seas and stiff breeze off the Webb beach proved too much for some boats, but more boats finished this year than in last year’s race. Everybody had a great time watching the freshmen paddle their way to glory. Overall, the weekend was a great time, and I’m happy that so many families, including mine, were able to enjoy it.