Freshman Perspective: A photo tour of Orientation 2013

By Parker Lyman ‘17

Move Into the Mansion on the Water

Freshman orientation really flew by with no real down time between activities. My first day started with moving my possessions into my dorm room, meeting my new classmates, and beginning to learn my way around campus (which didn’t take very long).

Icebreakers and Team Building

Each day was filled with different types of activities, which were meant to help us get to know our classmates, teach us about Webb, and introduce us to the standards that will be expected of us over the next four years.

Webb Campus Clue Run

One of the most enjoyable activities was the clue run. This event involved breaking up into our orientation groups and searching around campus for various sophomore orientation leaders who, once we preformed their requested task would give us the next clue. My group had the slight problem of skipping a couple of clues, so when we arrived at the finish line we were told we had not finished the hunt and were forced to retrace our steps in order to find the missing clues. We still managed to win, however.

Scavenger Hunt in NYC

Another great activity was the scavenger hunt in New York City. We split up into our orientation groups again, and we were given a list of items to find and a list of embarrassing tasks to perform on camera. The parts of this activity that I personally enjoyed the most were seeing one of my fellow male classmates in a wedding dress and having a messy breakup with a stranger on the subway.