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  • Jacques B. Hadler


Jacques B. Hadler

J. J. Henry Professor of Naval Architecture

BS from U.S. Naval Academy
MS in Naval Architecture from MIT



Appointments at Webb Institute:
Research Professor and Director of the Center for Maritime Studies
Dean and Professor of Naval Architecture
J.J. Henry Professor of Naval Architecture
Dean and J.J. Henry Professor of Naval Architecture
J.J. Henry Professor of Naval Architecture

Other Professional Experience:
Engineering Duty Officer – USNR
Head of the Trials Branch – DTMB
Head of the Surface Ship Powering Branch – DTMB
Head of the Ship Powering Division – DTMB
Head of the Ship Dynamics Division – DTMB
Advanced Ship Concept Study Group – DTMB
Private consultant and Propeller designer

Courses Taught 2002 to Present:
NA 3 – Resistance and Propulsion
NA 7 – Ship Design
NA 9 – Propeller Design and Vibration

Professional Registration:
PE in the State of Maryland

Important Publications and Presentations, 2002 to Present:
Hadler, J.B. and Van Hooff, R, “Comparative Analysis of the Resistance Qualities of a Series of Hi-Speed Displacement Hull Forms,” FAST’03 Naples, Italy
Hadler, J.B., “On the Development of a Hull Form with Minimum Wetted Surface For High-Speed Catamarans and Trimarans,” FAST’05 St. Petersburg, Russia
Hadler, J.B., Kleist, J. and Unger, M., “On the Effect of Transom Area on the Resistance of Hi-Speed Mono-Hulls,” FAST’07 Shanghai, China
Hadler, J.B., Cain, K.M. & Singleton, E. M.,”On the Effect of Transom Area on the Resistance of Hi-Speed Catamaran Hulls,” FAST09 Athens, Greece
Kerwin, J.E. &  Hadler, J.B. “Propulsion,” Principles of Naval Architecture Series (SNAME)

Professional Development Activities:
Participate and attend national and international meetings on ship hydrodynamics and conferences on advanced ship design.

Honors and Professional Recognition:
Defense Department Meritorious Service Award
D.Sci. (hon) Webb Institute of Naval Architecture
David Taylor Medal for achievements in Naval Architecture (SNAME)
Harold E. Saunders Award for significant contribution to Naval Engineering (ASNE)
Fellow in most of his professional societies
William H. Webb metal for outstanding contribution to education of Naval Architects (SNAME)

Professional Memberships:
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
Japanese Society of Naval Architects
Royal Institute of Naval Architects
American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)
American Society of Engineering Educators (ASEE)
Additional Duties Beyond Teaching, 2002 to Present:
Conducting experimental hydrodynamic research on high-speed hull forms.
Writing a chapter for the Principles of Naval Architecture textbook.

Service Beyond Webb Institute:
Private consulting on ship hydrodynamic problems.