Hurricane Sandy Recovery: Volunteerism

While the majority of Long Island was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, with millions left without power, heat, or fuel, the students of Webb Institute were fortunate enough to live comfortably through this disaster.  As a student body, we are incredibly grateful to everyone who ensured our comfort despite the widespread destruction, and we wanted more than anything to give back in a time of need.  In true Webb spirit, a number of students have already volunteered their time in the local community.  We are very proud to report on the overwhelmingly positive student response when asked for volunteers.  Henry Jansen, Eric Harris, Gabe Poritz, Matt Weklar, Nolan Conway, Casey Brown, and Oleg Golubev, under the leadership of Matt Graham, led the charge with their efforts in Bayville.  Later in the week, Henry, Eric, Matt Graham, and John Carlson continued the campaign.

The most significant effort, however, was spearheaded by Nolan Conway who led a trip to Oceanside to help one of the most devastated places.  Casey Brown, Bryce Bartling, Alex Hanford, Gabe Poritz, Stefan Kuczera, Erin Hub, Brian Mills, and Mike Chen all went with Nolan to coordinate with Pat Doherty in helping a neighborhood in severe need.  These selfless individuals helped with home renovation in the storm’s aftermath and saved the residents from weeks of hard labor. 

Webb could not be represented by a higher caliber of person than those who have volunteered to help others, and those who will help in the future.  Thank you to everyone who has helped not only to repair the damage around us but also to show what a giving and selfless community Webb Institute is.