In honor of Pi Day

By John Carlson '14

In honor of Pi Day, Webbies united to face a challenge more daunting than any differential equation or hull design: baking. Students from each class entered Webb’s annual Pi Day Contest to compete for the honor of best pie, and perhaps prove that engineers can indeed be housebroken. The competition was fierce, with 2011’s champion, James Codega, baking a pie each day for a week before the contest to prepare. With belts loosened and diets forgotten, our faculty judges bravely set forth to discover Webb’s best baker. While a victor was eventually declared, Webb’s own culinary expert Peter Morris was called in to help our judges make their decision. Pulling ahead of the Class of 2014’s “Blueberry-Key Lime EXPLOSION” by two points, the Class of 2012 proved itself with an excellent Pecan dish. Taking third place was the Strawberry Rhubarb prepared by the Freshmen, followed closely by the Juniors with their Banana Cream Pie.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012 on their victory, and to all of the bakers that made this contest the toughest in Webb history. May the Pi Day Contest take after its namesake—may it be never ending and never rational.