Inaugural Boston Webb Alumni Chili Cook-Off 2013

Pictured: Back row - Austin French ‘09, Brian (freshman), Colin Spillane (senior), Jenny Lorenc (freshman), Dakota Stagg (freshman), Mike Birmann ’86.  Front row - Doug Slocum ‘10, Ian Mutnick ‘96

On January 26th, the Mutnicks, Ian ’96 and his wife, Nicole, graciously hosted the inaugural New England Webb Alumni Chili Cook-Off!

Despite being naval architects we have not yet come up with a clever acronym for the event. And like any good group of Webbies, we were so engrossed with consuming said chili and catching up on current events that we never declared a Cook-Off victor. Perhaps next year will be the inaugural Chili Exchange?

The event was well attended by a wide variety of alumni and current students on winter work. Alumni represented every decade from the ‘70’s to current day, with 15 people total. All told, seven different kinds of chili were cooked, transported (only six of them successfully), and consumed with various savory brews to complement and cleanse the palate. In all, the event provided a lot of fun for its attendees, as well as wide variety of approaches to the food category chili. We are all looking forward to this event’s becoming a winter staple for the Webb Alumni Association.

Thanks again to the Mutnicks for hosting!