Life at Webb

Good food cooked by a real chef, light airy rooms yards from the water, and an active, close-knit, honest community: life on campus is great!


Webb's campus - a walled, 26-acre estate with its own private beach - is special, and Webb requires students to live and eat on campus. The men live on the second and third floors of Stevenson Taylor Hall in comfortable rooms with amazing views of the grounds or the Long Island Sound. The women live on the second floor of the Robinson Model Basin with some spectacular views of the grounds and in James G. Motley Hall, which overlooks the athletics field and the Long Island Sound.

Students eat in Stevenson Taylor Hall - three meals daily Monday through Friday. Brunch - a student favorite with eggs, quesadillas, and burritos cooked to order - and dinner are served on Saturday and Sunday. Students also use the recently renovated Student Kitchen to cook up their own food when the munchies strike at all hours of the day.

Student Self-Management

Webb's student body is largely self-governing. Through a cooperative relationship between the administration and faculty of the Institute and the Student Organization, students actually help shape and implement the policies that govern conduct on campus. Underlying the Student Organization is an important tradition, the Honor Code, which mandates that Webbies maintain the highest standards of conduct and honesty at all times. The greatest benefit is that students have an unusually strong voice on campus, and a sense of trust and security is widespread.


At Webb, students take pride in maintaining the facilities. The upkeep of the labs, shops, and other facilities is handled through a student work program called "Beaver Day" - the weekly assignments are called "beavers." The Student Organization is responsible for gathering beaver requests and assigning tasks to freshmen and sophomores who are helped by the upper classmen.

Founder's Day

Every year there is also a day dedicated as Founder's Day. It is the day where the memory of William H. Webb is honored every year. Every year the entire campus turns out to tackle the larger projects on campus. These activities range from general upkeep to installing new things on campus. Click here to see how last year's Founder's Day went.