Long Island's FIRST Robotics Conference

On October 14th, Webb Institute and the Webb FIRST Robotics Club hosted its first Long Island FIRST Robotics conference. Teams from the Long Island competition region were invited to Webb Institute for a day of robotics. 

Presentations were given on “Strategies of Design: What to do once you know your game” and “How to be a Chairman’s Award Winning Team.” All students and mentors were also given the choice of attending one of four lecture sessions: “Manipulators” presented by Mr. Frank Saladino, “The Control System: from FMS through the Robot” by Mark McLeod (mentor Team 358), “Drive Train Selection” by Pat Hughes, and “Scouting” by Nolan Conway '15.

Thank you for joining us for the day of robotics, fun, and a little bit of Frisbee! In follow up to the conference, we will post lecture slides and more information here soon.

Download Conference Materials: