Modern-day Record Participation!

The 2015-16 Webb Alumni Fund (WAF) exceeded expectations AGAIN!

Contributions were $1,888,689 exceeding last year’s amount by $341,610 (22%) and our 2015-2016 goal by 28%. The average gift increased to $2,295 (up 17%).

Participation was record-setting this year at 76.3% for Alumni and 73.5% for the Alumni Association overall. Congratulations to all who were a part of this year’s success; for those who couldn’t give this year, we look forward to your participation in the 2016-17 WAF. I owe a special thanks to the dedication of the Class Agents and Group Leaders who really are the key liaisons to the Alumni Association base.

We can’t mention the WAF success without noting the achievements and efforts of the comprehensive Campaign for Webb. The successes are purposely interdependent. The momentum we’ve previously established in the Alumni Fund has been and will continue to be critical to the success of the Campaign for Webb. The Campaign was publicly launched on September 10, 2015. Every dollar contributed to Webb from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2019, including your Alumni Fund gifts, counts toward the comprehensive Campaign for Webb. The contribution and participation levels illustrate the strong commitment the Alumni Association has to Webb’s achieving its financial goals.

Twenty classes achieved 100% participation, which is inspirational: ’44b, ’48, ’49, ’52, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’59, ’60, ’67, ’69, ’70, ’95, ’05, ’07, ’09, ’11, ’13, ’15, and ’16. I would like to point out that the class of 1995 is the first class of this decade to feature 100% participation in quite some time. Congratulations to all of you!

Last but not least, I’d like to change tracks a little bit. Filling the shoes of John Malone ’71 was a task I did not take lightly. The commitment is significant but I have to say that I am glad I have taken on the position. Not only is it an effort that I fully stand behind, it is one that the grand majority of alumni, honorary alumni, friends, and family stand behind as well. That is by far the most rewarding part of being the WAF chairman. Serving as Chair reminds me of what I enjoyed most about Webb, the tight sense of community. I have connected with so many of you and apologize to those with whom I have not yet had the opportunity to do so. As you can imagine, getting to know 1100+ people is a monumental task, but one I face with enthusiasm. The class agents, group leaders and I, are here to urge you to be a part of the Alumni Association. Sometimes the gentle reminders turn into urgent reminders (Webb grads never got extra credit for turning things in early), but nevertheless it’s personally rewarding to see the Alumni Association support the school in such significant ways.

See you at Homecoming!

-Jake M. Neuman ’93
Alumni Fund Chairman

(Photo Caption: Jake Neuman ’93 with Dean Matthew Werner ’95, PG ’97 at the Alumni Banquet in November 2016)

WAF Chart 2015-16