Webb Chapter of MTS at Oceaneering International, Inc.

By Wesley Yland ’15

On Sunday, October 20th, the Marine Technology Society sponsored four juniors and one freshman to visit Oceaneering International, Inc. in Hanover, MD. The five students were hosted by Mark and Jeanne Van Emmerik P’13, Rick Harris ’85, and Adam Geary ’07. The visit started with an extensive presentation and discussion of Oceaneering’s current projects, focused on multi-ship tank testing at MARIN for the development of the U.S. Navy’s Sea Basing capability. After being acquainted with the projects, the students were led through the facility to observe the results first-hand. Each project was more innovative than the last, leading all the way to the ROV room where each student took his first flight in the ROV simulator. The five students who attended this event would like to thank MTS and our hosts at Oceaneering for making this event possible. The MTS chapter at Webb hopes to continue to provide students with powerful opportunities at places as inspirational as Oceaneering.   

From left to right: Adam Geary ’07, Rick Harris ’85, Mark Van Emmerik P’13, Gabriel Poritz ‘15, Andy Thompson ’15, Evan Wingfield ’15, Nick Ratinaud ’17, Wesley Yland ’15