NEEC Leadership Team Visits Webb

The leadership team of the Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC) met at Webb Institute on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, to discuss the status of the NEEC and the role of Webb Institute moving forward. The leadership team included representatives from NAVSEA, the University of Michigan, Virginia Tech, MIT, and SNAME/ASNE, and the meeting focused on how Webb could help the NEEC achieve its objectives and best serve the needs of the US Navy.  The event was also an opportunity to introduce the leadership team to Webb Institute: its history, its facilities, and its educational program.

Of particular interest to the NEEC is Webb’s continuing development of the new Advanced Learning Center (ALC) in the Luckenbach Graduate School Building.  The ALC will provide Webb with an eight-way high definition video conferencing capability, coupled with a classroom arranged to host a local audience of up to 30 people. The space will be flexible: outfitted with a variety of integrated communication technologies such as video whiteboards and a pair of high definition cameras; and  reconfigurable into a video conference meeting room for up to approximately 20 local participants. 

The outfitting of the ALC is scheduled for completion in early January 2011, allowing it to be utilized starting in the spring semester.  With the ALC up and running Webb will have the ability to deliver and receive educational content remotely.  These capabilities will support Webb’s participation in the NEEC professional education programs and undergraduate collaborative research projects.  The ALC will also be used to support Webb’s undergraduate program by allowing for video mentoring and remote guest lecturers.

For further information about Webb’s role in the NEEC or the Advanced Learning Center please contact Professor Matthew Werner at