New York Area Event at the Harvard Club

By Michael Klein-Urena ‘11

One crisp, autumn day in New York, 50 members of the Webb community—alumni, students, parents, and board members—convened at the Harvard Club for an evening of cocktails, dinner, and discussion held on October 26th. This event was but the first of several State of Webb events that were organized around the country, from Maine to San Diego.

After a savory dinner and sumptuous dessert, there was a presentation on the State of Webb given by Keith Michel, chairman of the board of trustees; John Malone, chairman of the Alumni Fund; Joe Cuneo, past chairman; and President Robert Olsen.

The presentation was a summary of the topics discussed at the second Class Agents’ meeting held two weeks prior at Webb. Webb Institute has faced many boons and setbacks to its financial health since Mr. Webb’s generous endowment. In the end, though, there has never been a compromise to the quality of education, and the Board intends to keep it that way. The strength of Webb is in its supportive community of faculty, administration, parents, alumni, and students—a point easily proven by the diversity of the event’s attendees.

Finally, the board reiterated the concept of “A Week for Webb.” Back in the early days of Webb Institute, annual alumni contributions were traditionally a week’s pay. Today, we’re looking for the same thing. After four years of a high-quality, low-cost education, a week per year doesn’t seem all that bad!

I left the Club that night feeling a little light-headed from the Manhattans and with a pressing thought: How can I not give a week to support those who have supported me?