Webb Sailing – Fifth at North Qualifier at Cornell

April 3-4, 2010

By Seth Cooley '10

Webb sailing traveled to Ithaca, NY and Cornell University Friday afternoon for the North Qualifier regatta for the America Trophy.   Surprisingly, the weather was just as warm as it had been in Virginia the previous two regatta weekends, with one major difference: there were winds recorded breaking thirty knots.  Webb reveled in the breeze, sailed a very competitive regatta, and finished 5/12 teams in a field that included names such as Cornell, Columbia, Colgate, and Queens (CAN). 

Saturday’s breeze began reasonably enough, 10 knots or so from the south.  Nathan Fast and Roxanne Schacht started out the day in A-division and Seth Cooley and Dave Gross in B-division.  The southerly wind swept across the south shore of Lake Cayuga, making it not just shifty and puffy, but incredibly warm, as well, as it traveled over the high-70 degree land and then out over the much colder lake.  Winds built throughout the day peak at sustained speeds of 20-25 knots.  Webb put up multiple solid top three finishes, mixing it up with Cornell, Columbia, Colgate, and Queens.  For some time on Saturday, fourth place was very much within reach (three points back after R7), and third was not impossible (seven points back after R7), but the 3rd and 4th place finishers picked up their end-game and it wasn’t to be.  Additionally, a failed boom vang shackle resulted in a DNS for B-division in the windiest race of the regatta, leading to a score of 13 points in conditions which they had proven they could get a top three finish.  The day ended with Webb in 5th place, out of 4th by 11 points. 

Day two’s winds were forecasted to be lighter, which they were, at about 8-10 knots from the North.  Only four races total remained to complete the 24 race regatta.  Webb finished up consistently and ended in 5th with 116 points.  The top four finishers were Cornell (54 pts), Columbia (71 pts), Colgate (88 pts), and Queens (102 pts). 

Final results are below.  For full results, click here.  For a near play-by-play of the regatta, see the Cornell Sailing Team’s Website here. Webb’s name shows up plenty in the updates of the top positions during the racing!

Many thanks go out to the entire Cornell team for hosting the weekend, and especially Cecilia Walker who housed the Webb team.  Incredible thanks is deserved by Webb coach Gene D’Alessandro who spent his Easter weekend far from home—the team is extremely grateful for his continued coaching and dedication.

Webb’s next regatta is scheduled for May 8-9, hosted by the University of Maryland at the Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis.  Webb is the defending champ of this 2-on-2 team race regatta, so expectations are high.  In the month or so until then, practices will continue as Webb Sailing works to continually improve.

Final Scores
1 Cornell 54
2 Columbia 71
3 Colgate 88
4 Queens (CAN) 102
5 Webb 116
6 U. Rochester 155
7 Army 168
8 Rochester Inst. Tech. 199
9 Buffalo 215
10 Ottawa 235
11 Hamilton 239
12 Rensselaer 251

Webb Sailors: Seth Cooley '10, Dave Gross '10, Nathan Fast '13, Mike Larose '13, Roxy Schacht '13