Options & Checklists

Early Decision 

The Institute will consider candidates who wish to make Webb Institute their first choice under an early decision plan. Applicants wishing to be considered under this plan must have taken all required College Board tests by the end of October of their senior year in high school and must have an excellent academic record.

October 15: Applications due.

All required application forms, including a transcript indicating rank in class, must be on file by October 15 of the senior year. If the admissions committee agrees to early consideration, the applicant will be expected to come to the campus for the final interview before the end of November. All early decision candidates will be notified by December 10 whether they have been accepted. Accepted candidates will be expected to withdraw all applications to other colleges and to provide a non-refundable deposit to secure their position in the incoming class. Any applicant not accepted under the early decision plan will be considered, without bias, for admission during the regular process beginning in March, unless a final rejection is received in December.

In addition to these requirements specific to Early Decision candidates, the same forms necessary for Regular Decision candidates must also be submitted by Early Decision candidates.

Regular Decision 

  • Before December 20: Visit campus and meet with an admissions officer. Visits are not required in the preliminary stage of application, but are highly recommended.
  • By February 1 of Senior Year: Take the College Board Exams
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (both verbal and mathematical sections)
    • SAT II Physics or Chemistry
    • SAT II Mathematics, Level I or II

Our College Board SAT code is 2970. Our ACT code is 2987

  • February 15: Applications due. However it is recommended that students begin application at the start of their senior year to better help the Admissions Office track your progress and contact you if necessary.

For most students in the US, there are four available SAT test dates between the start of the last year of high school and our application deadline of February 15th. They are early October, early in November, early in December, and late in January. The best test schedule an applicant can implement is to take the required tests in November and December and leave the January date as a backup in case prior testing cannot be completed or scores obtained do not fall into the desired range for candidates.

It is suggested that those desiring more information regarding these examinations contact the College's Admissions Office or consult their high school guidance officers.

Candidates will be contacted in late February and early March about the status of their application and whether or not they will be among those invited for an on campus interview.  Interviews take place on a rolling schedule throughout March and April and are by invitation only.  


Academic Requirements

Candidates must have the following units of high school credit by graduation:

physics: 1

chemistry: 1

college preparatory mathematics: 4

English: 4

history or social studies: 2

electives: 4


Almost all applicants to Webb will be, or are, taking calculus in their senior year.  Students who are not on track for calculus in their senior year need to discuss their options with the Office of Admissions. We also recommend that if given the opportunity students take a mechanical drawing class or CAD class as part of their academic preparation. You must have a B average (85 percent) in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, as well as a generally satisfactory high school record.


Standardized Tests

Webb requires applicants to submit regular SAT scores and SAT subject test scores in Mathematics Level I or II and either Physics or Chemistry.  Webb will accept scores from the ACT as well if that was the test taken in lieu of the SAT.

The middle 50 % score range of the current freshman class is:

Reading   660 to 740

Math        700 to 760

Writing    620 to 690