Webb Welcomes the Class of 2014!

Orientation Week Activities

This past August, Webb Institute welcomed 19 new freshman students into the student body.  The Class of 2014, arrived on Monday, August 16th with family members and friends.  As they bid farewell to their loved ones, these freshmen quickly discovered that they were already members of another family - the Webb family.
Many of the members of this class have expressed their gratitude and enjoyment over their college experience thus far.  John Carlson '14 articulated his excitement in the class's first writing assignment; "Although it has been less than fourteen days since I unpacked my bags and began my shipbuilding education, I feel like I have lived here for months.  I have found myself completely immersed in the new lifestyle here, and I have loved every second of it."  Whether it was a Scavenger Hunt in New York City, teamwork exercises with the upperclassmen, a relaxing day at Jones Beach, or a drawing class with Dean Compton, it was clear that the Class of 2014 had settled in to their new home, and they were here to stay.


Samantha Griswold '14

My arrival at Webb was full of mixed feelings, from anxiety to excitement and everything in between. I had the typical anxious feeling that most college students have as they embark on, what in many cases is, a journey of a lifetime. What was not so typical, however, was the sick feeling I had in the bottom of my stomach because I was nervous about drawing class with Dean Compton.

As soon as I walked into the classroom my worries seemed to wash away. The classroom was set up as a model art studio clad with chairs, easels, and sketch pads. We began by drawing lines and soon after I was drawing drift wood, chairs and even my own hand.  Throughout the course of the two days I went from drawing stick figures to portraits of my classmates. The atmosphere of the entire program was relaxing, fun, and encouraging. I was able to improve my art skills, while laughing and having fun with my new classmates. The experience set such a positive tone for the rest of orientation week and it is my hope that this feeling will carry thorough my first semester at Webb.

Eric Harris '14

As a freshman from Florida, the entire Webb Institute and New York City experience have been mind-blowing. So far one of the best parts of orientation week has been the tour of the USS Intrepid. Everything from the drive over the Long Island Expressway and then the ride through the midtown tunnel to the actual tour of the aircraft carrier was fun. Visiting an aircraft carrier like the USS Intrepid, however, has special meaning for me because my grandfather served on the USS Enterprise, another aircraft carrier in the US fleet, during WWII. For me to go onto the ship and walk the decks that the sailors walked, lived, and served on is a great experience. I saw the Kamikaze show that they had running in the hanger deck and to hear the call of “general quarters, general quarters, all hands to battle stations, this is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill…” go out over the speakers sent a shiver down my spine because I know that my grandfather heard that many times during his time in service onboard the USS Enterprise.