Phonathon 2011

Freshman Callers Dial for Dollars 

During this year’s two-night Phonathon (March 29th and 31st), the 17 members of our freshman class secured over $80,000 in pledges, working hard to reach as many individuals as they could. More than 333 alumni, friends and past parents were contacted either by phone or follow-up letter, and the entire Webb community appreciates the efforts of everyone involved, and especially those who pledged so generously.   

Many thanks to all of the callers who did their best in this major fundraising undertaking. The high earners in each of the four groups were: Alex Simkus, Eric Harris, James Codega, and Rachel Walker. 

James Codega said “The Phonathon was a great experience in my opinion.  Even though some of my evening was taken up, I got to talk with alumni who all seemed to have a good attitude about the situation, and I helped Webb at the same time.” 

Added Eric Harris: “I found that when a Webb grad picked up the phone, they always had a good story to share and were interested in my experience here. I quite enjoyed being able to support Webb and talk with Alumni at the same time.”

If you weren’t called, please know you can make your gift to the 2010-11 Annual Fund Campaign before June 30th.