In honor of 3.14159265359 Day

By Erin Hub '16

Webb Institute held its annual Pi Day competition, and the student kitchen was bustling with activity on Sunday evening as each class prepared its pie for the competition the next day.  The aroma of berries, pecans, and pie crusts wafted through all of Stevenson Taylor Hall, and the fruits of the students' labors were evident Monday afternoon when the judging took place.

The seniors submitted a classic pecan pie while the sophomores submitted a southern twist on this classic that combined bacon and pecans.  Both the junior and freshman class submitted berry pies--one a spontaneous spark of genius by the juniors and the other, a tried and true family favorite from the freshmen.  Both fruit pies were adorned with creative crust designs; the junior's pie sported a sailboat while the freshmen pies displayed the Webb Institute logo.  Even the prospective-freshmen baked a key lime pie!

Though President Olsen noted that all the pies were by far the best he had tasted in his years of Pi Day judging, a winner still had to be chosen.  After much deliberation, the senior class came in first, followed by the junior class.  The sophomores came in third while the freshman class took fourth place.