Pi Day Contest

There are 3.1415926535… reasons for the Webb community to enjoy March 14 each year. For the last three years, Professor Elena Goloubeva has organized an annual pie-baking contest among the four Webb classes to celebrate our favorite irrational number. This year’s contest was held on Monday, March 14 during lunch. Each class submitted an entry based on the prompt, "Bake the Dean's favorite pie: apple, blueberry, or cherry."

After the judges’ lengthy deliberation period, Professor Goloubeva announced that the Class of 2014  "Blue as the Ocean-Berry" pie, baked by James Codega, was the first place winner. James narrowly edged out the Class of 2011's Strawberry-Apple pie baked by Ian McMahon. Ian had been the reigning baker for the last two years and presented formidable competition. The third runner up was the Class of 2012 with "Rob's Just Like Mama Used to Make Homemade Apple Pie," baked by Rob Talarico. Rob served his secret family recipe with vanilla ice cream. The Class of 2013 came in last place with a cherry pie baked by Roxy Schacht.