Webb 2012's Circumnavigation of a Nation on Summer Vacation

by Kyle Manis '12

As the final days of the semester drew near, the senior class busied themselves with planning for their futures. Career plans, moving plans, and graduate school plans all swirl in the air, but one group of seniors finds itself with a different plan to worry about.

On the Tuesday following graduation, eight seniors boarded a recreational vehicle bound for adventure. These students had committed their first month of freedom to visiting all of their classmates’ homes, along with a few other stops along the way. This trip will cover some 10,000 miles and will circumnavigate the contiguous 48 states.

The plan is to have the road trip of a lifetime, with the people we haven’t grown sick of…yet. So, we invite you to follow our blog at (http://webb2012roadtrip.blogspot.com/) or our Twitter @WebbRV2012 (https://twitter.com/#!/WebbRV2012). We plan on updating these sites with our travel status and pictures as often as possible.