Webb Sailing Coach Gene D’Allesandro

sailing coachThe Webb Sailing Team is navigating its way towards more victories now that Coach Gene D'Allesandro is aboard. Gene has been teaching, coaching and running sailing programs all over Long Island Sound for the past 13 years. He is a Level 2 US sailing coach and teaches Level 1 instructor-trainer courses for US Sailing. He has taught at J-World Performance Sailing School in Key West and has extensive keel boat experience. An elementary school teacher on Long Island, Gene is doing a great job as Head Coach here at Webb.

Gene has provided the team with the confidence and skills they've been looking for. Under his guidance, the team has been steadily improving as a whole. Last year, Webb won both its fall and spring home regattas. These two victories show that the team is growing and will continue to grow with the help of their new coach.

Gene believes that these victories display the maturation of the team's sailing skills. More importantly, he thinks they provide a venue for showing how much these sailors have grown together as a team. When asked what he loved most about coaching at Webb, Gene commented that he "loves being part of the school, being part of the team, and trying to build on skills to get to the next level of the sport." He added that he is looking forward to improving each season with the team.