Webb Sailing Teams Visits New York Yacht Club

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Webb Sailing Team in the New York Yacht Club Library

By Seth Cooley '10

On Thursday, April 9, eleven members of the Webb Sailing Team and their coach were hosted to an evening at the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) in Manhattan.  Alumni Greg Matzat (’89), was kind enough to offer the team the opportunity to see the historic club, including tours of the model room and library, dinner and drinks. 

One of the oldest and most prestigious yacht clubs in the country, the NYYC was founded in 1844 and has been at its current location since 1901.  One of the club’s greatest features is the Model Room—a room of extravagant architecture and home to 151 full rigged and 1200 builders’ and half models which overwhelm “even the most frequent visitor.”  As such, it should be clear that the effect on the dozen young sailor/naval architects was immense.  The team wandered slowly around the room, wondering at the incredible beauty and vast history of the items within.  The model room is perhaps one of the greatest illustrations of sailing yacht design, spanning more than 150 years of development.  In those 150 years, designs have gone from shallow, wooden, centre-board schooners, like America—revolutionary in her time, to radical, deep-draft, high-ballast-ratio, composite sloops capable of performance that would confound the club’s 19th century founders. 

The team also toured the club’s library, which houses a vast collection of nautical literature.  Most on the team didn’t think Webb’s collection of books on these topics could be surpassed, but the NYYC library seems to have done just that.

Following the club visit, the team spent some time in the city, continuing in their team bonding efforts with Coach Gene D’Alessandro and his wife and Webb Sailing fan Leslie.  It’s safe to say that all had a great time throughout the night. 

The team wishes to extend sincerest thanks to Greg Matzat for hosting and treating us to dinner.  Greg’s continued support (he has hosted also the team for regattas several times) is greatly appreciated and we hope that we can grow to fulfill all his hopes for the team in the future. 


nyyc library

The New York Yacht Club Library

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