Webb Sailing - Spring 2014

A Word From the Captain:

The Webb Institute Sailing Team has been competing against other colleges and universities for decades.  It only makes sense for a school so tied to the sea to rise to the challenge of intercollegiate sailing.

The team is comprised of sailors of all different backgrounds and skill levels.  Practices are held at the Webb Yacht Club, conveniently located on our beautiful waterfront campus.  It is the goal of the Webb Sailing Team to improve our sailing skills while having fun and competing at the highest level of collegiate sailing.


Event Title
Race Type
March 15-16 Washington College T.R. COR, WEB Washington College FJs / 0900 
March 29-30 CJ's Regatta CNU WM, PRN, MD, GWU, WEB, VT CNU 420 / 0900 
April 12-13 North Spring Qualifier COR, KP, BUF, COL, WEB, QU, PSU, SYR, AR, ROC, STV, CLG, TOR, SBU, SKD, HMT Cornell   420 / 0900 - 5 Qualify for S13-16-14 qualify for the Grant - S11-7 
April 19-20 Greater NY Dinghy Regatta FRD, COR, WEB, GWU, VIL, NYM, HWS, DRX, AR, ROC, COL Fordham 420 / 0900
April 26-27 America Trophy  GTN, ODU, SMC, FRD, NA, UPN, HWS,+ 5 each from Quais Kings Point 420 & FJ's / 0900 
May 3-4 Drexel Open  DRX, MON, RUT, OCN, WEB, DEL, UPN, VIL Drexel Corinthian YC / FJs / 0900 
May 10-11 Engineer's Cup WEB, OCN, QU, DEL, DRX, RUT, UPN, KP Webb Institute 420s / 0900 

Contact Information:

Captain: James Codega '14  

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