Semester in Review - Fall 2011

It has been an eventful semester at Webb Institute, to say the least. The addition of a new Dean, new professors, and the Class of 2015 has made for some excitement. The Frisbee golf course was especially busy and served as a nice means to socialize with the new members of the Webb community. With the minor earthquake, Hurricane Irene, the infamous “Tree Day,” and the October snowstorm, even Mother Nature shook things up. Changes around campus, including new washers and dryers, ceiling fans and dimming lights in dorm rooms, and even a student-motivated renovation of the room adjacent to the pub, contributed to the improved atmosphere at Webb. The student body has appreciated and enjoyed the changes and upgrades that have been made. With the end of the semester approaching, the classroom lights stay lit through all hours of the night. And although Pete’s staff and the maintenance crew sometimes greet us with a “Good morning,” sometimes it would feel more appropriate to hear a “Goodnight.” Students continue to work hard, knocking off their last homework assignments. With the light of Winter Work at the end of the tunnel, finals will soon be all that stand in the way of a much needed break. Before we know it, we will all be returning to our Webb home with new stories and memories, refreshed and ready to start a semester that, for some of us, will be our last.