Sophomores to the Metropolitan Museum

By John Carlson '14

On Wednesday, May 2, the sophomore class visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  While the walk through Central Park was a little dreary from the rain, the inside of the museum radiated its typical warmth and brightness.  This annual trip is part of the Western Culture II curriculum and gives students a chance to see some of the works of art they discuss in class in person.  After viewing the pieces covered in class, students scattered all over the museum to discover and explore their artistic tastes to their hearts' content.

Although there was an exciting world of art and expression before us, we eventually had to draw our time inside the museum to a close.  Despite being scattered all over the gigantic building, almost every student simultaneously decided that it was time to go home and assembled in the lobby.  We ended that day a little bit wiser to the world and its art, grateful for this firsthand experience.

Sophomore Class Photo