Webb Alum Shows Off Pentagon’s Stiletto

Stealth Craft shown at Ocean Tech Expo in Newport

The 80-foot boat looks a bit like a stealth bomber cruising on the ocean surface while under way, a head-turning craft that has been likened to a Batmobile or a UFO since it was launched in San Diego four years ago.  The Stiletto, owned by the Defense Department, was on display in Newport, RI for late May’s 2010 Ocean Tech Expo where companies exhibited a wide range of advanced ocean technologies, from underwater submersibles to weather instruments.

The government presented the $10-million Stiletto, which was designed to carry special-operations forces into coastal operations and as a floating laboratory where companies can test and demonstrate new fighting technologies.  The local NBC affiliate was there to capture it all on camera. And their tour guide?  Jason Updegraph (Webb ’01), who is a Naval Architect with NSWC, Carderock Division.  Below is a link to a quick clip of Jason talking about this state-of-the art craft.