Student Spotlight: 100 Days as a Freshman

My first hundred days as a freshman, have been full of excitement and fun. On the first day of orientation, my class and I were greeted with the challenge to design and race in shoes that would allow us to walk on water. These ‘water walker’ shoes would be tested during Family Weekend in a race. To ensure a successful design, my group and I met regularly. Between academics and the time that was devoted to the Water Walkers project, I found my time being split between various clubs. Although I lacked prior experience, I still showed up to the first day of sailing practice. Upperclassmen were patient while I learned the ropes (literally) to sailing the 420s. I also joined the Webb Running Club, WooFS (Webb Family Singers), Cooking Club, and Culture Club. Spontaneous student body emails invited everyone to partake in game hybrids such as Frockey (ultimate Frisbee), Frolf (disc golf), and Dahli (floor hockey).

In addition to these extracurricular activities, I also participated in day long and weekend events. We went on two field trips for Naval Architecture One. The first trip was to tour the Empire State, a training vessel for the students at SUNY Maritime. The next field trip was a tour of the fast ferry, USNS Puerto Rico, and of the Aker Shipyard in Philadelphia. These tours allowed us to understand and see firsthand what we were learning in class.

During the Columbus Day weekend, about thirty of my classmates and I traveled to West Virginia to go rafting. We braved both the cold and the class five rapids in exchange for unforgettable memories. Other extracurricular trips included sailing at regattas, running in races on Long Island, and going to concerts with friends in the city.

Between all of these activities, I find myself in the classroom doing classwork. However, I am still surrounded by my friends. The environment, while serious and full of work, still manages to coexist with the fun nature that everyone at Webb possesses. Sometimes, we will even take a homework break to break into song.