Student Life

Life on our 26-acre beachfront estate is a rare combination of challenge, focus, and adventure. Some of what makes this life different is the size of the place - fewer than 100 students living, studying, working and playing together. Some of it is our time-tested honor code. And some of it is plain old alchemy: work and play merge at water's edge. In a sense, every day at Webb is a beautiful mix in a beautiful place.

Webb students work hard - mastering advanced mathematics, getting their hands dirty in the labs, and building and testing models - and they play hard - tennis, sailing, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. And don't forget we're on the water, home to a multitude of activities.

We also have some special arrangements with local organizations. All students receive unlimited access to the neighborhood YMCA right around the corner at no cost. In addition, Webb musicians can participate in the North Shore Symphony Orchestra.