Study Abroad Program


Selection for Study Abroad Program begins in the spring semester of the freshman year. Prospective exchange students are encouraged to talk to past participants and ask questions about the experience. The Dean’s office will distribute the criteria and application for the Study Abroad Program and an essay is typically due before the spring recess in April. Leadership ability, academic performance, and a desire to experience new cultures are among some of the important criteria. A faculty selection committee reviews the essays and notifies the accepted participants within the first week of May.



Self study. This is the single greatest difference between the Southampton and Webb programs and is the single greatest challenge to participating students. There is little coursework, very little professor interaction face to face, and almost no testing assessments before the finals. As such, it is the student’s responsibility to read the applicable material, find problem sets to study, and prepare for the final exams, with very little or no structured assignments or textbooks to assist in the process. This may seem like a challenge at first, but the experience is worth it!



The language is nearly the same (though sometimes you might question that when talking to certain locals), and many familiar sights/sounds still abound. The Pub is a central element of British social life, and as the drinking age is lower, nearly all university students relax, meet, study and enjoy the national pastime of football, cricket and rugby at their favorite local Pub. 

British bus, rail, and underground are all immensely popular and serve as the only reasonable methods of travel. The infrastructure of Great Britain is geared toward mass transit and makes sizable trips quite simple. The two and a half hour train to London from Southampton is easily accessed by bus from central campus for less than $10. Day trips to Salisbury, Cambridge, Oxford, and London are all highly accessible.

The decreased quantity of coursework affords a greater quantity of leisure time than one generally enjoys at Webb, which allows plenty of time to explore local parks, landmarks, and museums. Southampton’s Student Union frequently holds events, parties, socials, contests, and competitions, so there is never a lack of opportunities to socialize.