Submarine Flavor: NE Area Alumni Host Winter Work Students

On February 12th, 13 Webbies from southern New England met at Jen Panosky’s home in Connecticut. Three students in the area for winter work (Chris Hooper ’11, Michael Cheng ’12, and Sam Granger ’14) joined 10 alumni to get acquainted, share Webb remembrances, and talk shop. Alumni of every decade from the 1950s to the 2010s (except the 70s) shared a wide range of experiences, with a strong submarine flavor.

Group Photo:

Front row: Jen Panosky ’85, Jen Kollmer ’91, Michael Cheng ’12, Simmy Willemann ’10, Chris Hooper ’11, Dan Mannheim ’08

Back row: Niel Spillane ’50, Tony Attanasio ’82, Ian Mutnick ’96, Fred Chester ’66, Kyle Krueger ’99,  Pete Hall ‘58, Sam Granger ‘14