Freshman Phonathon was Successful!

Webb Institute’s Class of 2015 participated in an annual “right-of-passage”… the Freshman Phonathon. The Phonathon is designed to give freshmen an opportunity to engage the Webb community and raise much-needed funds.

For a variety of reasons, the 2012 Phonathon was a resounding success, with additional funds arriving daily. Total gifts and pledges, including matching gifts, exceeded $135,000. In addition to a record amount of money raised through gifts and pledges, students had the opportunity to speak with a number of alumni and other members of the Webb family. A variety of skills were on display, as well, including impressive entrepreneurial instinct as one industrious member of the Class of 2015 negotiated a potential internship.

In the end, the two-day event was an unmitigated success. Congratulations to everyone involved with this year’s Phonathon. And remember, when your phone rings in the spring of 2013, answer it… you never know whose life you’ll change.