Summer Facility Upgrades

After the last strains of the graduation recessional fade, most folks at Webb are in their cars, heading off to start their summer vacations.  The Facilities Department, however, is gearing up to tackle a long list of summer projects under the leadership of John Ferrante.  

John’s team is focused on building preservation as evidenced this summer with several projects. The front section of Motley Hall received a new roof.  The flooring in the STH Main Deck kitchen was removed and new vinyl flooring was installed.  The bay windows in the library received some much-needed weather proofing and were painted both inside and outside. They also expanded Webb’s Data Center and installed two new air-conditioner units to make room for network expansion.  All of this was in addition to the usual cleaning, painting, and maintenance of classrooms, dormitory rooms, and bathrooms that happens every break.

The time frame is short, only eight weeks, but the Facilities Department always delivers, and Webb was ready to welcome the incoming freshman class.  All of these projects would not have been possible in the time allowed without the hard work and dedication of the facilities staff: John, Fernando, Javier, Victor, Mario, Luis, Rosa and our two new employees, Andrew and Julian.  Thank you for keeping our campus looking great!