Sweet Surprise from the Neilsons

You could tell something was going on yesterday because the administration was crowded into the Mess Hall at lunch, attention fixed upon the hooded figure placed before the student body. Pictures were taken, hands were shaken, and not a single student had the slightest clue what was going on. This confusion was quickly solved by Dean Neilson, who started his announcement by absolving himself of all involvement in the events about to ensue, crediting his wife, Denise, instead. A few eyebrow-raising comments about “25 pounds of hair” later, the figure was unzipped to reveal a chocolate bunny the likes of which Webb Institute has never seen before. Standing proudly at 3 feet tall and weighing in at a whopping 25 pounds, this hare was certainly a welcome addition to the Webb Family. To prevent the mounting free-for-all, Dean Neilson wisely delegated the task of rabbit distribution to the Food Chairman, Jack Oczeretko.

No word has been given on whether or not this bunny is of the egg-hiding variety, but only time will tell.