The Admiralty Club

The Admiralty Club at Webb Institute provides a program for corporations and foundations to contribute a minimum of $10,000 annually in support of Webb Institute. Admiralty Club members demonstrate their commitment to the mission for Webb Institute through their support.


The Admiralty Club provides the opportunity for corporations and foundations to become part of this extraordinary educational experience. It also establishes a beneficial relationship among corporations and foundations with our Webb students and faculty. 


 Members of the Admiralty Club




Benefits of membership in the Admiralty Club include: 

  • Inclusion in exclusive Admiralty Club listing in Stevenson Taylor Hall
  • Inclusion in listing in Webb News publications and in the WebbiENews
  • Invitations to Webb events and lectures
  • Optional “Winter Work” advisory for those interested in mentoring students
  • Optional speaker’s bureau for on-campus speaking engagements
  • Recognition gift for first-time Admiralty Club members
  • Annual Report recognition.


About the Deck Prism: 

In the days before electricity, light below a vessel's deck was limited to candles, oil and kerosene lamps. A clever solution for the light problem was the deck prism. Laid flush into the deck, the prism point drew light down below decks. This prism is an exact reproduction of Mystic Seaport's last remaining original Charles W. Morgan deck prism.


To become a member of the Admiralty Club or to learn more, please contact the Development Office at or call 516.759.2040.