The Program

Academic program: Our only major, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, involves several engineering disciplines, including ship design and systems engineering, marine engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil/structural engineering. During Winter Work Term, students work in the maritime industry, making us the only private college of naval architecture that provides a salaried work experience during each of the four years of study.

Students live on campus, a 26-acre estate with a private beach, and, of course, boats. Webb has a time-tested honor code, and a full range of student activities.

Webb students work hard  mastering advanced mathematics, building and testing models.  They also play hard;  tennis, basketball, and volleyball. And don't forget we're on the water.

We also have some special arrangements. Interested students can use the local YMCA at no cost. And musicians can participate in the North Shore Symphony Orchestra or the North Shore Community Chorus.

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