Thesis Titles - Class of 2011

In order to qualify for graduation, each student in the Senior year is required to prepare and submit a written thesis, in or related to the field of Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering under the direction of a member of the faculty.  Senior theses may be individual or team efforts.  In addition to a written thesis, seniors are required to present orally the results of their thesis efforts to the assembled student body, faculty, and administration in the late spring of their senior year.  A completed student thesis document will be catalogued and shelved in the Livingston Library.

Thesis Titles for the Class of 2011

Abbruscato and Hooper

Structural Optimization of a Floating Surface Collector

Castro and Lambertsen

An Investigation on the Effects of Water Emulsified Fuel on the Performance Characteristics of a Four-Stroke, Four-Cylinder Diesel Engine

Dixon, Lachtman, and Mouravieff

The Detail Design of a Wooden, Solar-Electric Launch for the Carmans River Maritime Center

Donatelli and Kim

Analysis of Collision Risk During FPSO and Shuttle Tanker Offloading Operations

Ferrieri and Wiseman

An Evaluation of Lifting Line Theory as Applied to a Current Turbine Design with Model Test Evaluation


A Forensic Investigation of the Sinking of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald


Design and Simulation of the Control System for a Dynamically-Positioned Drill Ship


Hydrodynamic Design of a Hydrofoil for a High-Speed Catamaran

Klag and McMahon

Calm Water Resistance Study of a Novel Trimaran


An Economic and Environmental Optimization Methodology for Hull Cleaning Schedules


A Comparative Lengthening Study of a Shallow-draft Purse Seiner

Pfeifer and Rose

Development of a Sizing Model and a Cavitation Analysis for Cupped Propellers


A Forensic Analysis of the American Civil War-Era Sub Marine Explorer