Thesis Titles - Class of 2012

In order to qualify for graduation, each student in the Senior year is required to prepare and submit a written thesis, in or related to the field of Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering under the direction of a member of the faculty.  Senior theses may be individual or team efforts.  In addition to a written thesis, seniors are required to present orally the results of their thesis efforts to the assembled student body, faculty, and administration in the late spring of their senior year.  A completed student thesis document will be catalogued and shelved in the Livingston Library.

Thesis Titles for the Class of 2012


Analysis of the Energy Efficiency Design Index

Boltz and Childers

Design & Construction of a PEM Fuel Cell for Haeberle Lab

Cheng and Needham

The Feasibility of Short Sea Shipping on the United States East Coast

DelGatto, Manis and Talarico

The Production of Algae Biodiesel for Comparative Engine Emissions Testing

Doran and Fleming

The Design of a Handicap Accessible Fishing Vessel

Groff and Harlan

The Development of Algal Exhaust Scrubbers for Marine Applications


An Open Water Analysis and Standardization Trial of a Hadler
Feathering Propeller for an Auxiliary-Power Sailboat

Hagan and Oczeretko

An Air Bubble Lubrication Analysis Applied to Flat Plate Resistance Testing


Shapely Side-hulls: An Investigation of the Effects ofTrimaran Side-Hull Camber


The Emissions Analysis of a Fuel Emulsion

Morgan, Walker and Walling

Planing Craft Ride Control Optimization Using an
Artificial Neural Network