Webb Parents Association

Beautification of Freshman Dining Room

The remodeling of the freshman dining room is nearly complete - it looks great!  Take a peek next time you are at Webb, I’m sure you will agree it’s a grand improvement.

Many thanks go out to Mike Abbruscato and Geoff Whitely (Director of Facilities), and his crew who helped with the design elements and the improvements and especially to the parents who chipped in financially to accomplish this much needed task.  

We are nearing the year’s end for the Parent’s Annual Fundraising effort.  While we are still short of reaching the goal of 100% parent participation, the PAF committee is very appreciative of the support received from those parents who have given to date.  If you do get a call from one of the Parent Fund volunteers, please keep in mind that you are chatting with the parent of a Webb student just like yourself and not a telemarketer. Those callers can pass along credit card payments to make it easier for you to give.

The Webb Parents Association has begun an effort to reach out to school districts in an effort to identify and contact AP math and physics teachers who are in the perfect position to introduce Webb Institute to promising high school students. We’d like each parent to have a conversation with those AP teachers in their home district.  Start by talking up the incredible education your son or daughter is receiving at Webb and then ask for the teacher’s contact information.  You can email that information to William Murray, Director of Enrollment Management at bmurray@webb-institute.edu.  More than likely you’ve had contact with these teachers in the past, I’m sure you’ll find that they will be very enthusiastic about helping out.

Peter Needham

Chairman, Parents Association