Webb Students Garner Top Scholarships

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers has awarded its two top undergraduate scholarships to Webb seniors for the fall of their senior year.

Ryan Pfeifer was awarded the Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt Undergraduate Scholarship, and Christopher Rose received the Robert N. Herbert Undergraduate Scholarship.

In addition, both of these young men were awarded scholarships from the American Society of Naval Engineers along with classmates David Donatelli and Zachary Harris.

Mr. Pfeifer and Mr. Harris also received scholarship funds from the Marine Technical Society.  The Society also gave scholarships to Kyle Manis, '12, and Donald Rickerson, ‘13.

Nathan Hagan '12 has become the first Webb student to receive the government funded SMART scholarship, a full scholarship to support engineering students willing to go to work for a government agency, in this case NAVSEA, for a period of time equal to the years of scholarship support.  All Webb students, by virtue of this program are eligible to apply for this scholarship which includes full-tuition, health insurance, and a stipend for room, board, books, and personal expenses.